Amateur web designers are great to hire…… if you want to run an amateur business

Chances are, your website has already been destroyed if you tried to save money on web design….

Not literally, but your spending money hand-over-fist, throwing it all down the drain for a “pretty” website that hasn’t been optimized for customer lead generation.

If your pretty website is just pretty, but it isn’t optimized to turn visitors into customers and doesn’t work hard to provide recurring revenue – then your website has been destroyed by incompetence.

However, there is still a light at the end of the tunnel if you haven’t decided on a web designer (or even if you have).

You can stop your website from becoming a cost center, and turn it into a profit center!

Start out by asking every potential web designer:

What will make my website persuade people to call me while other websites don’t?

Smart business owners know that a business website should exists ONLY as a lead generation source and profit center.

Smart business owners know that the best websites have been optimized to capture visitor details, and turn them into paying customers.

How does your web developer answer the question above?  You’ll get a lot of conflicting responses.

That’s because almost all web designers are just artists, not marketers.

Most web designers will happily steal your money and build a “pretty” website that is useless in 6 months and doesn’t rank with Google…

They do not know which call-to-actions are going to generate the best responses

Or the best color pallet to induce a buying, trustworthy, or calming mindset

Or how to change a few words to triple lead generation potential.

Or where to put a contact form can increase conversion rates by 124%

Top Hat Digital knows all of this.  We have practiced and perfected the best ways to design, create, and market websites to customers for you business.  When you hire us, you’ll get more than a flashy website.  You will get an online ATM for you business that drives your annual revenue to levels you never thought possible

We are experts and both web design artistry and web development marketing, and we want to offer this to you, the smart business owner:

Once Top Hat Digital designs your website, we will optimize it to capture customer leads for FREE.  You only have to pay a small amount once you’ve gotten a real, uncontested results.

But wait, there’s more!

We will also include Onsite SEO for entirely FREE

We will also make your website mobile-friendly, so the 80% of customers who use mobile devices can easily find you and call you, for FREE

We will also include 1-month of Offsite SEO for FREE.

These services are key to making money through your website, and we want to prove to you it is possible.  Just alone, these freebies can pay back your initial investment in no time at all.

All other web designers will charge you more than $2000 for all these services, but you get them for FREE with Top Hat Digital.  Just call us at (260) 302-5404.  It really is that simple!

On top of all the free value we provide, we also guarantee our results 100%:  If your not completely pleased with the results from your website, we will refund 100% of your initial investment.

NO ONE ELSE will make you this offer.  This ensures that you have almost no risk involved when working with Top Hat Digital.