Web Design: Can a Good CALL TO ACTION Make or Break YOUR Website?

Look on your current webpage, and ask yourself, what does my website offer? Is it just information, or can it capture customers who are interested in my service?  Do I have a way to turn website visitors into customers?

If you do, that’s great news!  But keep in mind; a “Contact Us” signup doesn’t count.  When was the last time someone filled that thing out?  Without an effective method to capture visitor information, your website is just a very expensive brochure. 

Most web designers today just slap up a “Contact Us” form that visitors can fill out, and never touch it again.  Unfortunately, most designers today are artists, and not marketers.  They want to make your website look “cool” and “sleek”, but fail to realize that a website should be the most important marketing tool for a business

Think of the last time you visited a website and signed up for something.  What compelled you to give them your email address?  Was it a free offer, or an e-book offer, or maybe even you just wanted to download their app? 

Whatever the offer was, the website made you want something, so you traded in your email address for a download.  That didn’t happen by luck.  Did you realize that by optimizing your websites Call-to-Action, or CTA, can increase your lead generation by upwards of 94%?  What could you do with that many more potential customers?

At Top Hat Digital, we know what gets customers to give you their info.  We know that a simple change to a three-word phrase can increase conversions by 300% vs. the old format.  We know that the difference between a “?” and a “!” can invoke an emotional response that turns visitors into customers.

Why do we know all this?  Because we A/B test every feature that is released, until it is fully optimized to potential capture each and every website visitor and turn them into customers.

Imagine if your new website could convert even 10% more traffic into customers.  Imagine you get 500 website visitors per month, that’s an extra 50 customers that spend money with you. Assuming an average customer value of $1000, could an extra $50,000 a month make a difference in your business?

At Top Hat Digital, the Call to Action optimization is included for free.  Other web designers would charge you more money for this.  But we are different.  A website should result in a ROI, so why not do the job right the first time?

Include in all our new web design packages, are quite a few freebies.  Google now requires all websites to be mobile, so we include mobile-optimization with our design packages, for free.  We also optimize the site for Onsite* SEO, which tells Google what your webpage has to offer.  Finally, we do one month of free Offsite* SEO, to help customers find you quicker

Other web designers charge upwards of $2000 for EACH free service listed above.  That would cost you an extra $8000 per website if you went somewhere else.

If for some reason, your not 100% happy with any of our services, we will give you our 100% money-back guarantee.  Nobody else does this, nobody.  We understand that buying new websites can be scary, but we want to put your mind at ease

Unfortunately, we only have a few open spots at the moment, and will be required to be selective of any new business that want to work with us.  If you really would like your business to step into the next level,


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*Onsite SEO is finding and placing the keywords that will allow your prospects to find your site.
*Offsite SEO is your website's ranking power.