Does YOUR website FAIL this extremely SIMPLE test?

This test just takes 3 simple steps, and could earn you thousands of dollars just by making a simple phone call:

  • Pickup the phone and call that Super-awesome web designer that has the absolutely best looking sites at the cheapest rate available.  Or you can send an email to them (but phone calls works better for this).  Ask them:  “Hey web designer, should my new website that I’m purchasing have Radio Buttons or Dropdowns?  If you made the phone call, your probably experiencing a moment of silence
  • Wait for them to answer you.  Don’t say anything, just be patient.  Most of the web designers today will stumble around and avoid the question and bring up animations and examples.  Quietly thank them for their time and wish them a good day
  • Run away as fast as you can, and find a web designer who can answer this seemingly simple question

The correct answer is obvious to a professional.  When used as part of a marketing funnel, radial buttons on your webpage increase leads by 15% when compared to dropdown menus.  I’ll bet that most web designers you talk to don’t know this.

Top Hat Digital does.

A lot of web designers don’t know what Call to actions can get the most sales.  Hell, most don’t know what a CTA is used for.

Top Hat Digital does.

Did you know that based on if a potential customer is left-brained or right-brained can determine if they call your phone or not, based on where your contact info is placed?  And based on your potential customer, your new optimized website can increase conversions by 500%?  What would you do with 500% more potential customers?  Buy a boat, house, or new store? 

Top Hat Digital knows all this.  We know all of the “unexpected” elements of web design that matter to increase your sales, revenue, and profit.  We didn’t get this knowledge from a few blog posts.  This knowledge came from years and years of A/B testing, optimization, case studies, and re-optimizations.

You see, smart business owners know that optimizing lead generation should be the single most important goal of a website.  No longer should your website be a flashy piece of art.  Your website should be a marketing tool used to bring in new customers on-demand.

This is why Top Hat Digital takes the time to relentlessly A/B split test every feature, function, and button on your website until the site literally becomes a ATM for your business-this isn’t an exaggeration, your website should print money for you.

At Top Hat Digital, we are so confident in our abilities to generate leads for you; we throw in our lead-gen optimization services for free.  That means your site will be designed to get customers calling you, constantly.  We also include Onsite SEO for free, which will help you get in front of customers faster! 

You know what, since Google has updated in April to require sites to be mobile, we will mobile-optimize your site for free as well.  We want to make Google happy, because when we make Google happy, they put you on the top of searches.

One last freebie for you, and this is a big one.  We will include 1-month of Offsite SEO for free!  This will put you at the top of Google, and will earn you upwards of 58% more traffic, which means more dollars in your wallet.

Most web designers charge hundreds of extra dollars (after they've already collected their money for the design work), often more than $2000, to carry out these services your getting for free, and there's no guarantee your site will even get good lead-gen results.

Top Hat Digital is different.  We guarantee our results.  If your not 100% thrilled with our services, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  You won’t find any guarantee on the market today like this.

Let’s recap what you can expect with Top Hat Digital:


  • A Lead-Generation Optimized website
  • Onsite SEO optimized content-FREE
  • 1-month Offsite SEO services-FREE
  • Mobile-ready website-FREE
  • More money in your pocket-PRICELESS


We can only say this one way:  If your interested in turning your website into a world-class, money-making machine like the elite businesses of the world have today,


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