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We have all seen them before. Those small businesses that just keep growing and growing. They start out struggling along, just like everyone else, and they do “something” that flips the switch.

Suddenly they are hiring more help and extending their business hours to serve more customers. They are running out of inventory faster than ever. Now they’ve opened up a second location!

Wouldn’t you like your business to flip the same switch?

We can flip that switch for you

Website Design and Optimization

We make your website work for you. If you’re a smart business owner, like we are sure you are, then you know a website should be used as a sales funnel, and anything less is a waste of time and money.

Search Engine Optimization

80% of all customers go to Google FIRST, to research where to spend their money.
92% of all traffic never goes past the first page of Google. We will get your website in front of those customers

a/b split-testing & maintenance

We A/B split test every single feature, line, button, and image to optimize conversion rates, which drives down your cost of customer acquisition and making you more competitive in your specific market.

Lead Generation & Customer Nurturing

You are INVESTING in your business by getting a customized Lead Engine disguised as a website. It’s not 1995 anymore. It’s time to update your website and put it to work to earn your business more money

Stop Wasting Money on a Website that DOESN'T WORK

Start Making Your Website Work For YOU

we're not designers

We Create Money-Making Websites that Drive Directly-Interested Customers Right to YOUR Door
We will make you a new website that makes you money

Imagine working with someone who isn’t distracted. Someone who doesn’t care about basketball, or fishing, or traveling the world. Their only interested is growing your business exponentially.

Imagine if you hired that same person, and they never take a vacation day. They only get work done, which triples or quadruples your business revenue.

The fact is you CAN hire this person, and never have to worry about marketing your business online again.

At Tophat Digital, we only hire these types of people. Our only concern is to grow your business by generating customer after customer for your business

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listen to our customers

Our Customers Stay Happy Because We Drive Customer After Customer to Them.
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